Supervision and Teaching

Dr Simona Chereji has training and experience in offering clinical supervision, therefore we offer services of clinical supervision to CBT therapists, both qualified and trainees or to other mental health practitioners.


Dr Simona Chereji has experience teaching senior and junior mental healthcare professionals in the NHS as well as overseas practitioner psychologists. Most recently she has run the clinical skills training for trainees in IAPT NHS on various topics related to mental disorders and CBT interventions.


We offer training and presentations that can help our clients to gain a wider and up to date understanding on how CBT interventions can be used to address various emotional and mental health problems.  The clients that could benefit from this service are: schools, mental health organisations, social care services, employee support programs. Our training is also meant to provide our clients and professionals in their practice with tools to better cope and constructively address issues such as stress, conflictual relationships, aggression, bullying, alcohol problems within the family context, poor communication, low self-confidence and various specific emotional difficulties (specific fears, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, OCD, post traumatic stress disorder, anger, depression).

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